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* First and last name

* Occupation

* Address

* City

* State

* Zip

 Home number     

* Cell phone

* Work number

* Email address

* License Number and License Plate # (state issued included)

* Type of residence: rented apartment: rented house: owned condo: owned house

* If rented name of landlord(s)

 Contact information for landlord                      

* Number of people in residence

* Ages in residence

* Two personal reference(s): Include address and phone number and relationship
 to you/time known 


* Have you owned animals in the past? Yes/No

*Have you ever had an animal taken from you by Animal Control?

* Have you ever surrendered an animal to a shelter,rescue or anyone else

* If so, why?______________________________________________________________

*Are you listed in any county animal shelter in the United States as "Do not adopt to"?

*Have you ever used a dog for breeding purposes? Yes/No

*Did you have a kennel license?

*Were/Are you registered with the AKC?

* Current number of cats

* Current number of dogs

* Number spay/neutered

* Ages and descriptions (please include breed for canines) of
 past and current pets include name and number for Vet that treated past pets. 

* Have you adopted from us in the past? Yes/No

* Where did you hear about our rescue?

Tell us about what type of pet you want.

* Type of pet

* Age
                    Baby/Young/ Adult/Adult-Senior/Any age

* Name of Pet(s) at our rescue interested in adopting:

 Desired size:      Small/Small-Medium/Medium-Large/Large/Extra Large

* Coat

* Activity level
        Couch Potatoe/Slightly active/Active/Very active

How will your Pet live?

* Where will your pet live?
 Inside only/Outside only/Mostly inside/Mostly outside

* Where will your pet spend the night?
 Outside/Inside/Inside and Outside

* How will your pet be contained when needed?
 Fenced Yard/Crate/Fenced run or pen/Runner

* Will your pet be allowed to run freely?

* If use crating as containment, how long will the dog be crated?

* Do you have a fence? May we check on your fencing?

* What type of fence do you have if applicable?

* Where is your fence located?
 Front yard/Back yard/Side yard/No fence

* What Veterinarian will provide yearly visits and monthly preventions?

* If needed who will spay/neuter your pet if applicable?

* Veterinarian phone number

* Who will be responsible for training your pet?

* Do you understand that pets are not perfect and you will have to work with your new pet?

Our rescue
 dogs are a lifetime family members and will require patience and understanding. Have you thought of all things through and are you willing to work with your new pet? Yes/No/Not sure

Paws4Progress Canine Rescue Adoption Contract

~ I agree
 to have animal spayed or neutered after fifteen (15) weeks of age (4 months). If the adopted dog you have chosen has not been altered and is over 4 months of age, you must make the spay/neuter appointment within 14 days of adoption (We do understand that there may be a wait with SPCA and other low cost spay/neuter agencies therefore, we will be understanding in this case- however, you must e-mail or call our rescue and notify that you have been placed on the waiting list for this service. Please include the facility that you have been plcaed on a waiting list along with their address and phone number)If not performed within the allotted time period (unless a veterinarian recommends otherwise due to a medical condition) said animal will be returned to Paws4Progress. Proof of spay or neuter must be forwarded to Paws4Progress, 2054 Roberts Rd, Chester, SC 29706. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

~In the event, that my address changes at any time, I agree to notify Paws4Progress and will schedule a time with Paws4Progress to inspect the new residence.

~ I agree not to breed ______________________. If an accidental pregnancy results at any time after adoption, you MUST report this to Paws4Progress immediately.

~I agree full
 responsibility for the continuation of yearly vaccinations and rabies booster, heartworm and flea prevention. Paws4Progress may contact my vet to verify that these shots are current.

~I agree to not to make any physical alterations to any adopted rescue animal from Paws4Progress (cropping ears,tail dock, etc)

~I agree to
 provide proper care of ______________________ including shelter, shade, proper diet, fresh water, and love. 

~ I agree that I will never use _______________________ in any criminal activities including but not limited to fighting, trunking, or baiting. If you are found to have breached this clause in the contract, you will not only be reported to authorities for criminal prosecution, but you will also be subject to a civil suit filed by Paws4Progress and/or a fine by the rescue of up to $5,000.

~ I agree to allow Paws4Progress or its agent to inspect the home either before and/or after adoption and to allow Paws4Progress or its agent to remove_________________
  immediately if the home or surroundings are found to be unsuitable or terms of this agreement are not met. Notice of home visit will be arranged with a 24-hour notice unless if there is suspicion of mistreatment or neglect of animal or above terms are breached.

~I agree and understand that Paws4Progress makes no warranties, representations or guarantees whatsoever as to the adult size, temperament, characteristics or health of said animal and hereby disclaim all implied or expressed warranties of fitness or merchantability.

~ I
 understand that Paws4Progress will not be responsible for any medical care or costs thereof required after placement to adopter. All animals are adopted "As is" We will not be held responsible for any sickness incurred by the said animal before or after receipt by the adopter. All monies paid for adoption of animal is non refundable.

~I agree that if my situation should change and I can no longer care for the pet, then Paws 4 Progress will be contacted before the pet is
"re-homed" or surrendered to a shelter. Please note, that Paws4Progress does NOT do trial basis adoptions. If you surrender an animal back to our rescue, you will not be an eligible adopter for any other animal at our rescue unless their are extenuating circumstances and the surrenderer and Paws4Progress directors have approved a future adoption with another animal from the facility.

~If Paws4Progress discovers that any part of the application has been falsified in any way, the adoption is null and void and the animal must be surrendered back to the rescue. We will enforce this strictly and we will ensue all legal forms of action to repossess the rescue animal. You will be responsible for any and all attorney, court filing fees, sheriff service fees or any additional expenditures that must be paid out in order to enforce the breach of contract due to false information.

Signature____________________________ Date____________________


                 We, the people and animals at Paws4Progress Canine Rescue

            thank you for giving a homeless rescue a chance at a real life worth living!

* I have read and agree to and understand the above agreement and have indicated so by signing my initials below .

Yes, I agree __________ No__________